The Band

Locally developed is a four-piece band of gifted musicians from the Toronto Beach area. The band members are all 16 years old with Alex Shuell on bass, Colin Lafaury on drums, Jonny Bojin on vocals and keyboards, and Max Pilchner on guitar.  Their focus is original music, which they have prolifically crafted since starting the band in the summer of 2017.  Early response to their limited public performances has been outstanding. With energy and sincerity, they bring life to their compelling lyrics and music with craft and finesse that is well beyond their years.

Their work is a combination of many styles, blended to create a new contemporary sound that defies simple explanation with influences from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Doors and Maroon 5.

Every member of the band is an accomplished musician and creative talent.  When combined they coalesce into a formidable song writing and performance group.  The spirit and energy put into their music is readily apparent as it is manifested with confidence and enthusiasm in their live shows.  Locally developed is the perfect blend of creativity, ability and collective spirit necessary to realize new and captivating music.

Their first album “Dime” features ten tracks recorded at  and Mastered at  The album is available on all major streaming and download platforms.

Check out their latest podcast interview with Koncert Katie here.

The Music



Jonny Bojin

Vocals, Keyboards

Jonny has a vocal style uniquely his own.  His voice is instantly recognizable with a tone, richness and cadence that transcends his age.  The presence he creates giving voice to the music is the character of the band.   Equally compelling are his accomplished improvisational keyboard skills.  Jonny’s home is the stage. His loose, easy going manner is a welcome invitation to enjoy the music.

Favorite Artists: Steely Dan, The Doors
Pet Peeve: Unorganized (Disorganized)

Colin Lafaury


Colin creates the foundation around which the rhythm and bass is woven.  His capability as a drummer brings immeasurable quality and nuance.  Salient is the dynamic and intricate feel he brings to every part of the material, with both power and finesse.  His inventiveness cannot be underestimated being pivotal, and readily apparent in the variety and complexity of the bands music.

Favorite Artists:  Anderson Paak, Chance the Rapper, The Black Keys, The Beatles
Favorite Holiday:  Groundhog Day

Max Pilchner


Max is an accomplished musician whose ability has evolved since the age of 12. Early influences include Steve Vai, Tosin Abasi, and Guthrie Govan.  His clean sound, crisp playing style, and unusual chord voicings are the anchor and vibe of their sound.  Max is accomplished as both an innovative rhythm player and impressive lead soloist.  There is very little guitar technique or playing style beyond his reach.

Pet Peeve:  When people take too long on the golf course
Favourite Food:  Grilled chicken

Alex Shuell

Bass Guitar

Alex lays down the groove with his creative and intricate playing style.  His inventive approach wraps moving bass lines around the rhythm and melody bringing texture and depth.  His ability to lock into the rest of the band makes for the tight and punchy sound that is the locally developed trademark.  Eminently comfortable on stage, he is a joy to watch as he makes the music move.

Favourite Holiday: Thanksgiving, aka: National turkey appreciation day.
Pet Peeve: Hawaiian pizza. pineapple + pizza = definitely not

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